IMAX uses the largest film frame in the motion picture industry - 10 times
larger than Hollywood's standard 35-mm film format and 3 times bigger than
the standard 70-mm frame. The larger film frame creates images of
unsurpassed clarity and impact.


15/70mm 35mm


  • The 15,000 watt Imax light bulb is so bright that it can be seen with the naked eye from the moon!
  • A single 500-foot roll of IMAX film -- enough to capture just 90 seconds of action -- weighs five pounds.
  • IMAX movie screens are designed to make viewers a part of the action with movie screens that extend beyond the peripheral range of vision for a full view of images. The razor-sharp images and six-channel surround sound systems also help immerse the viewer in the films. 
  • The theater's six-channel digital sound system is designed in a surround sound pattern so that every moviegoer can hear even the smallest sound effect. A network of 44 speakers bathes every seat in 12,000 watts of sound.
  • The size of the IMAX film is so large that one 40-minute film is approximately 3 miles long or 15,840 feet!
  • The specially designed IMAX camera photographs the largest frame ever used in motion pictures on horizontally moving 65-mm film. Because of the increased information carrying capacity of the huge frame, the camera records images with much greater detail than does 
    any other motion picture camera. 
  • The screen is painted by a robot to ensure an even coating of highly reflective paint. 
  • There are also thousands of tiny holes spaced evenly around the screen to permit the sound to travel directly toward the audience, giving the screen 'acoustical transparency'.
  • The film is strong enough to pull a truck.
  • The screen is 4500 times bigger than an average TV screen.
  • If a large log were held in front of the light beam from the projector, it would spontaneously combust.
  • On the average, 28 pounds of refuse is collected after each screening.
  • The 15,000 watt, water-cooled lamps, made of quartz and filled with pressurized xenon gas can be extremely dangerous. The quartz will explode periodically with enough force that the glass imbeds itself in the metal housing of the projector. Projection workers often wear full flack jackets when installing the lamps.
  • A loaded Imax 3-D camera weighs 228 pounds and takes 30 minutes to reload.

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