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Not for the faint of heart, paragliding in Santa Barbara county gives new meaning to the word "perspective." Float along coastal cliffsides, or venture over inland valleys-hang gliding and paragliding are untraditional modes of sightseeing for the fearless.
Kayaking in Santa Barbara can be a peaceful venture, or taken to the next level. Escape the mainland and venture out to the Channel Islands. Sail, boat, or fly to the Channel Islands, where you can camp, kayak, hike, or dive in a more rugged setting.

Santa Barbara's unique east-west geographical positioning, combined with the buffer of the Channel Islands, yields a Mediterranean climate that delivers 300 days of sunshine yearly. So nothing is stopping outdoor adventurers from getting that daily adrenaline fix. With approximately 100 miles of coastline to visit, Santa Barbara county beaches--from rugged and rocky to smooth and sandy-are fit for a range of activities: camp, surf, swim, hike, kayak, dive, or just bask in the sun. 

Surfing can not be overlooked as one of Santa Barbara's highlights. Rincon and Jalama are the well-known hot spots. Befriend a local to discover more!

Experience "Wild California," visit Santa Barbara!

Visit us at SantaBarbaraCA.com  Activities and Destinations

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