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It doesn't get much better than this. Santa Barbara, America's Riviera, has more than aesthetic grandeur to offer. Opportunities for adventure abound. Statuesque mountains, glimmering waters, and tranquil valleys form the backdrop for outdoor action. Whatever your pleasure, from biking to hiking, paragliding to surfing, exercise your right to choose in a city that's rich with adventure-ready terrain.
Inland, Lake Cachuma offers camping, boating, fishing, and horseback riding in a spectacular setting. The 6,900-acre recreation area is the natural habitat for wildlife including bald and golden eagles, black-tailed deer and bobcats.

Lizard Mouth Point is one of many climbing spots in Santa Barbara. The Santa Ynez Mountains, Los Padres National Forest, and Channel Islands invite the adventurous to hike, rock climb, mountain bike, and explore. The Los Padres National Forest occupies 2 million acres of varied terrain, providing thousands of acres ideal for hiking and backpacking. Miles of trails through the forest and Santa Ynez Mountains reward hearty explorers with spectacular ocean views.
Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the ocean breeze as you jog, rollerblade, or bike along one of the many coastal pathways. Bike trails in Santa Barbara range from leisurely paths along the waterfront to intense mountain trails.

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