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Most people will never see San Diego's Mission Bay from quite the same perspective Troy Hartman and Joe Jennings enjoy in Adventures in Wild California. But it's easy for anyone to be inspired by the surroundings, here. And it's easy to be taken in by the prevailing attitude that just about anything is possible.
According to "Pleasant Weather Ratings" San Diego has the best climate in the United States and second best in the world. And with 70 miles of beaches to boot, spending days and nights outdoors is all too tempting.

Can you concentrate on your swing with a view like this? Start practicing because you have over 90 spectacular courses to choose from. Including Torrey Pines, the only public golf course in the country to hold a major PGA tournament.
Endorphins. Adrenaline. Stir those up with some San Diego sun and you've got yourself the outdoor enthusiast's tonic. From seat kayaking and parasailing to hiking and biking, San Diego satisfies any urge to play outside.

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